“My art is born out of the zeal for perfection both in skill, expression and devotion to create positive changes in the world.”


Born in 1993 in Lagos, Arinze Stanley Egbengwu’s journey into art has been one of discovery and learning. Despite having a formal background in engineering, his heart has always found solace in the strokes of a pencil and the shades of charcoal. His initial forays into art were simple yet meaningful, shaped by the materials available from his family’s paper business.

Inspired by the rich narratives of the Contemporary Black experience, African culture and personal moments of reflection, Arinze’s pieces aim to bridge understanding and foster connections. His approach combines traditional techniques with personal innovations, each piece being a labor of love and patience. As he often says, 'My art is born out of the zeal for perfection in skill, expression, and a devotion to create positive changes in the world.'

Arinze Stanley

In 2022, Arinze ventured into a new exploration with the ‘GELE series.’ While maintaining his foundational monochromatic style, he introduced subtle hues, paying homage to the vibrant essence of his heritage. While each artwork holds a piece of him, Arinze hopes they resonate with others, touching on themes of identity, resilience, and shared experiences.

Arinze’s commitment to the community is evident in Lagos, where he engages with emerging artists through workshops and collaborations. These experiences, alongside his group exhibitions, have been pivotal in shaping his artistic perspective.

Having showcased his work in The European Museum of Modern Art, various art fairs, group shows, and through three solo exhibitions across the US, Arinze remains humbled by the personal connections people forge with his art. His works have found places in collections both close to home and in distant lands.

At the heart of Lagos lies The Pond Studio, Arinze’s creative sanctuary. Beyond serving as a creative workspace, it hosts an artist residency program, nurturing and fostering a diverse range of artistic talents.

As the canvas of the future beckons, Arinze continues his journey in art—ever-curious, ever-evolving, and grateful for every step. For those intrigued by his work, he warmly invites you to experience it firsthand at The Pond Studio or through his upcoming exhibitions.

Artist Statement

'My work is deeply rooted in the experiences and vibrant nuances of life that surround me. Every stroke of my pencil is an exploration of emotions, aiming to resonate with and captivate my audience. While my art often feels like an organic extension of myself, flowing effortlessly onto paper, it's underpinned by a steadfast commitment to the three pillars: patience, practice, and persistence. Through these guiding principles, I continually refine my craft, striving not just for visual accuracy but for a profound emotional connection.'

Arinze Stanley